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A Really Wild Island

by Cecil Brasher and Jim Medway


280 x 220 mm 

36 pages 

50 colour illustrations 

Approx. 450 words

Hardback with quarter binding



April 2014


ISBN 978-0-9574717-3-3


Rights sold: Available


A delightful and highly original children’s book featuring work by a new author and illustrator team. Written in rhyming verses the book takes the reader on a wild ride through the strange island of “Turvytops” where everything is not quite right – creatures are upside down or back-to-front, volcanoes spew water and mountains are made of ice cream.


Here polar bears hate the cold, pandas are mean, cats fly around in flocks and sharks like to sunbath!


These hilarious characters – a nose-picking rhino, sock-wearing hippos and gerbils in glasses – are brought to life by the genius of illustrator, Jim Medway. Written, designed and produced to appeal both parents and children, this new book will capture the imagination of every young child you looks upon its colourful and imaginative pages.


> Genuinely original illustrated children’s book featuring wonderful illustrations by Jim Medway.

> Fun, original and imaginative animal book that will appeal to young children (2-5) and their parents.

> Full of wonderful, strange creatures and landscapes.


Author: Cecil Brasher

Cecil grew up on a concentrated diet of illustrated books: lashings of Babar, oodles of Sendak and endless helpings of Hergé. A publisher and author, he lives in London with his wife and two young children.


Illustrator: Jim Medway

Jim wrote and drew the weekly strips “New at the Zoo” and “Crab Lane Crew” for The DFC comic, and now draws the thrilling adventure series “Sgt. Chip Charlton & Mr. Woofles of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police” for The Phoenix Comic. In 2006 Jim collaborated with Michael Smith on the book Shorty Loves Wing Wong (Faber), and recently his own short graphic novel Playing Out has been published by Blank Slate Books. The rest of the time, he's learning to signwrite, and teaches kids of all ages how to create their own comics.

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