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The Land of the Frontiebacks
A Curious Alphabet of Confused Creatures

by Cecil Brasher and Jim Medway


280 x 220 mm 

36 pages 

50 colour illustrations 

Approx. 450 words

Hardback with quarter binding



April 2014


ISBN 978-0-9574717-3-3


Rights sold: Available

Land of the Frontiebacks
Land of the Frontiebacks
Land of the Frontiebacks
Land of the Frontiebacks
Land of the Frontiebacks

The Land of the Frontiebacks is a strange and wonderful place. The letters of the alphabet run backwards and the animals are rather confused. Starting with Z, 26 quirky verses and illustrations bring to life a menagerie of curious creatures: the imaginary Xolf, the lazy Fox (who never leaves home), the oversized Ant, the Elephant with small ears, the muscly butterfly and the Llama who hates heights. Truly original in style and look, this funny and lovely book will delight parents and young children alike. An ideal gift for those about to take their first steps on the long road to literacy.


An alphabet book with a difference!


•  Unusual alphabet book created to appeal to children and parents alike to encourage the first stages of reading

•  Wonderful, specially commissioned colour illustrations by artist, Jim Medway

•  Highly original animal book that will capture the imagination of every child that reads it


Author: Cecil Brasher

Cecil grew up on a concentrated diet of illustrated books: lashings of Babar, oodles of Sendak and endless helpings of Hergé. A publisher and author, he lives in London with his wife and two young children.


Illustrator: Jim Medway

Jim wrote and drew the weekly strips “New at the Zoo” and “Crab Lane Crew” for The DFC comic, and now draws the thrilling adventure series “Sgt. Chip Charlton & Mr. Woofles of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police” for The Phoenix Comic. In 2006 Jim collaborated with Michael Smith on the book Shorty Loves Wing Wong (Faber), and recently his own short graphic novel Playing Out has been published by Blank Slate Books. The rest of the time, he's learning to signwrite, and teaches kids of all ages how to create their own comics.

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