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The Source:
Inspirational Ideas for the Home

by Michael Freeman


250 x 250 mm

320 pages 

800 colour illustrations 




October 2009


ISBN 978-0-9554322-4-8


Rights sold: Germany, Spain, Japan


Interior design has undergone a quiet but profound revolution in the last decade, as home-owners have become more aware of international influences and more prepared to experiment, to break out of the prescribed moulds of style. Many different parts of the world – in particular India, China, and Japan – have evolved their own unique styles of modernism, much of it rooted in the traditional principles of their particular regions, and this has helped to liberate the way we now think about dwelling space, its organisation and furnishing.


Drawing on a wide range of modern design from many countries, this unique, rich sourcebook takes an elemental approach to the design of a home. In an age when no interior design principle goes unchallenged and all ideas are possible, the only sensible approach is to start from the basic elements – how a home works and what we expect from it. The Source, illustrated with hundreds of colour photographs by Michael Freeman, is divided into four sections which each cover a basic function.


The first, Connect, deals with the connectivity of a home, from entrances and corridors to staircases. The second, Divide, shows the many ways in which individual areas can be divided and linked, from walls to screens and unconventional dividers, as well as flexible partitions that draw on Japanese and Chinese principles. The third section, Space, is concerned with living spaces in all their variety, balancing the twin needs of comfort and inspiration. The last section, Utility, covers the basic functions of any dwelling, from cooking and bathing to working at home and storage. All of this is illustrated by a vast array of ideas and solutions from many of the world’s best interior designers and architects. This new book offers a different and refreshing way of looking at the house and the elemental way of how we live today.


Michael Freeman is an acclaimed photographer and writer who specialises in travel, architecture and interiors. He has photographed extensively for many international publishers, and has written more than two dozen books on photography, with more than a million copies sold. His many books on interiors and architecture include American MasterworksIndia Modern, New Oriental Style, Architecture of ThailandJapan ModernChina Style and New Zen – The tea-ceremony in modern Japanese architecture also published by Eight Books. 

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