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Big Farms, Little Farms

by Jim Medway


350 x 280 mm

32 pages 

300 colour illustrations 




October 2019


ISBN 978-1-9998583-1-5


Rights sold: USA, Canada

Big Farms Little Farms UK COVER FRON
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Every child wants to learn about farms and farm animals. 


Big Farms, Little Farms is the latest in the Big & Little series. It takes children on a journey through all aspects of farming – the big animals,

the small animals, and all the typical farm machinery, especially tractors. It tells interesting facts about animals and breeds as well as explaining

what each farm machine does. Each breed is illustrated in colour and includes both famous examples such as the Hereford bull, the Shetland sheep, and Tamworth pig, alongside more unusual animals such the emu, the alpaca, ostrich, yak and bison.

And of course no farm can do without a dog, so all the famous farming breeds are also included, from the English sheepdog to the Jack Russell

Terrier. And alongside horse breeds we have donkeys.


Aimed at young children (3–8), this is the ideal gift for the curious child.


A great new informative and fun colour reference book for all kids!


This is a must-have book for all young children and their parents who love horses!


•  Includes a huge variety of well-known and less well-known breeds found on farms

•  Full of fun and fascinating facts about the animals and machines

•  Fabulous colour drawings by award-winning artist Jim Medway

Author: Jim Medway

Award-winning artist Jim Medway has illustrated fiction – Shorty Loves Wing Wong (Faber & Faber) – comic books – Playing Out (Blank Slate Books) – and children’s books – The Land of the Frontiebacks: A Curious Alphabet of Confused Creatures (winner of the Children’s Book of the Year, 2014, Junior Magazine) and Turvytops: A Really Wild Island (8 Books). This is his fourth title in the Big & Little series, following on from Big Dogs, Little Dogs; Big Cats, Little Cats and Big Horses, Little Horses (all published by Eight Books).

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