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Tidy Space:
Shaker/Zen design solutions for tidy living

by Michael Freeman


240 x 170 mm

208 pages 

200 colour illustrations 

HB PLC with cut edges and bellyband



October 2016


ISBN 978-0-9574717-7-1


Rights sold: Available

Tidy Design - Cover + Band v02
Tidy Design - Shaker SPREADS 01
Tidy Design - Shaker SPREADS 02
Tidy Design - Shaker SPREADS 03
Tidy Design - Zen SPREADS 02
Tidy Design - Zen SPREADS 01
Tidy Design - Zen SPREADS 03

This gem of a little gift book offers readers hundreds of solutions for de-cluttering their lives and their living spaces using the inspiration of American Shaker style and contemporary Japanese design.


Two design styles perfectly embrace tidiness. One was developed in the United States in the 18th century by a devout sect of Quakers who had emigrated from England, the other was formed over thousands of years on the islands of Japan. Although they have no historical link, the Shaker aesthetic, and that of the Japanese Zen style, have much in common. For them both furniture is kept to minimum, objects are hidden away in carefully designed storage spaces, rooms are kept empty with the focus on a few design elements on the walls, natural materials are emphasised both in the construction of rooms and furniture.


Here, for the first time, photographer and author Michael Freeman, has brought together numerous examples of rooms from both Shaker and Japanese homes to demonstrate how home owners can be inspired by these two remarkable design styles. Divided into chapters on  Lessening, Harmonizing, Containing, and Storing the reader is taken on a journey of beautiful tidiness. 


Specially designed cut edges to the book and a removable bellyband give the finishing touches to this little gem of a book.

A perfect publication to inspire designers and home owners to bring calm to their interior spaces.


Sales points

>    Tidying is a hugely popular subject at the moment in book publishing.
>    Written, compiled, and photographed by bestselling author and photographer Michael Freeman.

>    Special binding – cut edges and  foil-blocked belly band –  as well as unique reversible book design, with one half on Zen and the other on Shaker, made this an object of desire in itself.




Michael Freeman is an award-winning and bestselling photographer and author.  His book on digital photography, The Photographer’s Eye, continues to be the world’s bestselling publication on the subject. He is also known for his remarkable photographic work in Asia and America. His many publications include American Masterworks, China Style, Mindful Design of Japan, China Contemporary, New Oriental Style, and Tea Horse Road

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