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Big Dogs, Little Dogs

by Jim Medway


350 x 280 mm

32 pages 

300 colour illustrations 




October 2016


ISBN 978-0-9574717-6-4


Rights sold: USA, Canada

Big Dog Little Dog UK COVER vFINAL
Big Dogs Little Dogs Working
Big Dogs Little Dogs Herding
Big Dogs Little Dogs Terriers
Big Dogs Little Dogs Puppies
Big Dogs Little Dogs Breeds

Charming and original colour illustrated book showing over 250 dog breeds from around the world – fantastic and fun dog book identifier that can be used by all the family.


Big dogs, little dogs, black dogs, white dogs, hairy dogs, smooth dogs, short-tailed dogs, long-tailed dogs, spotty dogs, funny dogs, happy dogs…

… every dog group and every dog breed in one big, beautiful book.


This wonderful new book of dogs, aimed a children 3–7 (and their parents), includes every dog breed as listed by the American Kennel Club. Divided into fun double-page spreads the book features all of the seven groups – Working, Toy, Sporting, Non-Sporting, Herding, Hound, and Terrier – as well as other rare breeds recognised in the UK and Europe (under European and World dog sections). 


The book also includes a section on fashionable designer dogs as well as a charming puppy identifier. 


At the back of the book an extensive dog index gives the reader fun facts about every breed featured.


A great new reference guide for all the family that will make your little children dog experts!


•  First illustrated reference book to include ALL the American Kennel Club breeds and many more important breeds from around the world, including the UK, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe – 280 breeds in total

•  Includes special sections on designer breeds and popular puppies

•  Fabulous colour drawings by award-winning artist Jim Medway

Author: Jim Medway

Award-winning artist and illustrated Jim Medway was born in Wakefield, studied in Manchester, and now lives in Furness Vale, High Peak, Derybshire. He has illustrated fiction – Shorty Loves Wing Wong (Faber & Faber) – comic books – Playing Out (Blank Slate Books) – and children’s books – The Land of the Frontiebacks: A Curious Alphabet of Confused Creatures (winner of the Children’s Book of the Year, 2014, Junior Magazine) and Turvytops: A Really Wild Island (8 Books). His work has been exhibited at the Paul Stolper Gallery in London. 

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