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Out of the Box:
A Celebration of Contemporary Box Art

Tom Buchanan, Sarah Lea

From Duchamp’s Kunstkammer to the avian works of Joseph Cornell, box art re-invents the ordinary and stimulates an endless journey of discovery, both of the self and of the world around us. Out of the Box celebrates objects, assemblage, and the lost art of collecting in an increasingly digital world. 


This fascinating compendium features more than 100 creatives from 21 different countries—not only professional artists, but also those living and working outside the mainstream. Showcasing over 500 works, the book encapsulates diversity by way of a practice that refuses to be categorized: it is fine art and design, decorative and serious, artefact and artifice captured in miniature. 

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Latest titles

Sensing Place
What is the Point of Architecture


By Philip Gumuchdjian

Sensing Place is a reflection on 20 years of Gumuchdjian Architects in practice. The principal architect, Philip Gumuchdjian sets out the thinking behind his projects with a view to re-stating the relevance of architecture in an increasingly virtual, image driven world. The book is thus a manual designed to guide the general public through the many concurrent and competing ideas that underpin a typical body of architectural work. These include the importance of keeping the culture of the past closely with us; the imperative of instilling buildings with the capacity to connect people to places; and how shared space is the real engine of community.

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Big Farms, Little Farms is the latest in the Big & Little series. It takes children on a journey through all aspects of farming – the big animals, the small animals, and all the typical farm machinery, especially tractors.

It tells interesting facts about animals and breeds as well as explaining what each farm machine does.

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New edition:

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Big Farms Little Farms SPREADS_02.jpg
The Garden Source
Inspirational Design Ideas for Gardens and Landscapes


By Andrea Jones

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The Garden Source cover

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